Bloom Field Plantations Pvt. Ltd

Committed to Green Environment..

Why do you think people have grass and maintain gardens in their house & offices? The simple answer to this is that grass have a positive effect and their presence assures an air of pureness. Bloom Field Plantations Pvt.Ltd provides an extensive variety of Natural Grass for Cricket Ground, Natural Grass for Football Ground, Natural Grass for Golf Ground etc. Also, we provide efficient landscape services like Garden Contractor, Grass Development, Landscape Consultancy, Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Development, etc. Using our services you can ensure that your house attains a serene and beautiful environment. Our team of trained and experienced professionals works diligently in order to create exquisite gardens outdoor as well as decorate the interiors of the home using different scented species of grass. We follow truly environmentalist approach in rendering our services.



New Delhi, India